The Inspired Collective is for women who want to live their lives in alignment with themselves and the environment around them.


With our love for oils AND natural health this is the perfect place for you to learn, grow and evolve beyond just essential oils, whilst having access to an amazing library of oily goodness.


Here you’ll find information organised so you can find what you’re looking for hassle-free. Sure, there’s a lot of free stuff out there, but, more often than not, all the many options and contradictory advice can leave you feeling completely overwhelmed.


It’s also hard to know who to TRUST – especially when you have questions around using oils. The Inspired Collective is a safe space to learn best practice dilution rates, which oils are safe to use with pets and children, and much more.

The Inspired Collective is for …

  • Women who want to feel peace and calm in a home that is chemical and clutter-free.


  • Women who want to nourish their bodies with clean and natural products.


  • Women who want to understand how they are wired so they can relate to the ones they love from their highest selves


  • Women who want to set up daily practices that bring abundance and flow to their day.
  • You love to have great tips & advice on how to use your oils safely and effectively at your fingertips – no scrolling through Facebook looking for that one recipe or video.


  • You’re up for fun with simple challenges & checklists, special bonus webinars & regular Q+A time.


  • You want to learn how to make simple cost-effective DIY recipes (for immune support, sleep, emotions, green cleaning etc).


  • Community is where you are at. You love hanging out with like-minded folk learning & sharing in a safe space and most of all having fun while you’re at it.

For more information and to join The Inspired Collective, click on the link below.