Hypnosis is the process of bypassing the critical mind (conscious) and putting a new agreed upon suggestion into unconscious mind (also called subconscious).


Which for you means that you get to be guided through a relaxing visualisation as I put your conscious mind into Theta state.


Your brain was mostly in Theta state from 0-7. This is when you absorbed all of your surroundings, which then created your subconscious programming.


This time you will get to choose a new belief system, perhaps you want to attract your perfect client, improve self-esteem, lose weight, or anything else of your choosing. We work together to create any powerful suggestive visualisation you desire to help re-set and re-wire the subconscious to your perfect aligned identity.


The Granja Vortex Method allows for the practitioner to skip the multiple in-person sessions and create a custom hypnosis for the client to listen to in their own time, daily.


Giving the client freedom to:


  • Listen in their own home
  • Work around their busy schedule
  • Receive hypnosis for at least 5X longer (28 days and beyond ensuring the change process occurs without needing to purchase more sessions like traditional hypnosis) – lifetime access
  • Listen to the hypnosis more than once a day, expediting results.


The process is similar to traditional hypnosis but goes even deeper into the emotional & energetic level as well, ensuring the transformation is a holistic change.


This method can work on its own as a singular method, or alongside another support container.


All the client has to do is sit back and press play.

The Process


After a virtual consultation, I learn everything about what you’re:


  • currently experiencing
  • how you’d rather feel and
  • what you feel is stopping you from the desired goal


After an allotted time, I’ll send you a lifetime access digital download, totally personalized hypnotic track, layered with TRANSFORMATIVE binaural beats, nlp & energy work for creating a lifelong change.


You will listen to this track for 21 days consistently, to allow change and transformation to take shape. After which time you will receive an affirmations track which you can listen to every day (anytime you like) to help solidify the changes that have taken place.





The customised Hypnotic Track is created to align you into your most abundant self. The version of you that is created from excitement, pleasure, joy, and ease versus conditioning, cycles, patterns, and stories. The customised hypnotic track will narrate your unconscious mind into a new state of being.




At the success of the 21 Day Track and the massive shifts in your life, we will touch base through a quick survey and then create a customised Affirmations Track that will support you in this new identity. Think of the Affirmations as an herbal supplement to your day! You can listen to these while you’re driving, exercising, or just going about your day!