I am passionate about educating people on natural health and empowering people to use natural health solutions.


Living a life as free from toxins as possible is crucial in today’s day and age, with so much pollution and environmental chemicals surrounding us in everyday life.


With the skin being the largest organ and absorbing everything it comes in contact with, the best we can do is reduce our toxic load via the food, lifestyle, home products, skincare and cosmetics that we implement in everyday life.


My goal is to both educate and encourage people on how they can do this and show people how easy it is to replace their existing chemical and pharmaceutical products with natural and homemade ones, which will have a direct impact on health.


I am extremely passionate about the powerful benefits of high quality essential oils and how you use these as part of a toolkit for natural health. I love teaching classes on a wide variety of topics, for people to learn more about these amazing pure plant extracts and how they can have a positive impact on our life.